Different types of IV therapy and their uses

Some types of IV drips are only available at a hospital, though most therapies can be administered at home

Until recently, most IV therapy types weren’t associated with therapeutic, let alone preventative use. For this purpose, you would typically rely on conventional methods such as oral supplementation. However, low absorption would make you swallow pills by the handful, and some ingredients would be reduced to waste during metabolism or compromise the efficiency of each […]

How long do the benefits of IV therapy last?

While IV therapy duration isn’t permanent, the benefits to your health and well-being can last longer when you stay dedicated to consistent treatments

You have finally tried it: lounging on a couch with a needle in your arm and vitamins flowing through your veins to deliver loads of benefits. Energy, immunity, detoxification – you name it. But once the drip’s done and the nurse has packed up and left, you inevitably want to know: how long does IV […]

IVs on demand: Amazing IV therapy benefits

IV therapy benefits are fully unlocked in a drip given by a certified infusion nurse

Even though you may view mobile hydration services and drip bars as the latest health fad, the origins of IV therapy can be traced back to the first attempts of blood transfusions and treating cholera. When it comes to delivering medications and fluids, the relationship between the administration method and treatment success is a well-researched […]

Cold & Flu IV Drip

Cold & Flu IV Drip

Anyone who has ever been sick with the flu knows how debilitating and disruptive it can be. You may experience high fevers, body aches, and fatigue, as well as nausea and coughing. If you have to work or manage household responsibilities, your misery can increase exponentially. There are also people who have complications such as pneumonia, myocarditis, […]