Different types of IV therapy and their uses

Some types of IV drips are only available at a hospital, though most therapies can be administered at home

Until recently, most IV therapy types weren’t associated with therapeutic, let alone preventative use. For this purpose, you would typically rely on conventional methods such as oral supplementation. However, low absorption would make you swallow pills by the handful, and some ingredients would be reduced to waste during metabolism or compromise the efficiency of each other if taken in combination.

Being put on multiple oral medications or supplements can be a hassle or a nightmare, depending on how sensitive your digestive system is. But luckily, you don’t have to do this the hard way anymore. You can turn to different types of IV infusions instead.

The best part is that IVs are adjustable, unlike any preformulated oral alternatives. Your custom blend can be tailored and fine-tuned to individual factors, sensitivities, and conditions. If you have a vein, there is a way!

IV therapy – The type of treatment that works instantly

Taking IV drips out of the box of clinical and ER environments unlocks a new level of accessibility and efficiency when seeking medically restorative help. Mobile IV therapy types let you conveniently suppress issues and relieve symptoms that would otherwise be left unaddressed due to lack of time. Or, you would see little to no improvement when relying on over-the-counter drugs and Google-recommended remedies in these cases, compared to delivering fluids directly to the bloodstream. 

Headaches, migraines, stomach bugs, seasonal viruses, PMS symptoms, jet lag, and travel fatigue can take a toll on everything in your life. But why let these progress when specifically formulated types of IV drips can be a fast-acting way to rehydrate, detox, and reduce the pain or nausea to get you back on your feet? 

IVs are based on the active ingredients and nutrients that get to work at once while moving through your bloodstream instead of your digestive tract. That means they don’t lose any of their efficacy on the way and can be received more easily than pills.

IVs for instant hydration

Jet lag and hangover relief are the most popular on-demand services when IV fluids – the types injected into your body – can do wonders to improve your condition quickly. These can help you survive long flights as you switch between time zones or cure a night of partying hard and overindulging. You will stay active and productive instead of feeling tippy and unwell for the next day or two.

There’s also a range of other cases when replenishing electrolytes and having your body instantly hydrated can make a big difference, unlike consuming a lot of water orally:

  • Headaches
  • Cold, fever, and seasonal viral infections 
  • Food poisoning
  • Dehydration due to inflammatory issues
  • Intensive physical training or activity

IVs for nutrition and supplementation

Different lifestyle and health factors may result in struggling to meet your nutritional needs with food. When trying to compensate for that with oral supplements, you have to go by combinations and dosage options targeted at an average consumer, so there’s little opportunity for customized choices. Besides, you never know the actual amount of micronutrients absorbed as they are further reduced or deterred by the digestive system (it’s estimated at 40-60% unless complicated by hormonal and metabolism issues).

The ingredients in the types of IV infusions formulated for your individual needs and health goals are professionally selected to work together and have a guaranteed effect with 100% absorption in the bloodstream. Your IV therapy can deliver vitamins and other nutrients in precisely controlled amounts and at the exact time needed. There’s no better workaround for unpredictable allergic reactions, chronic ailments, and gastrointestinal side effects.

Immune system support

Unlike medications meant to be helpful upon the onset of symptoms, the immune-boosting types of IV drips can set you up for smooth sailing through the cold and flu season. These can be used for: 

  • Extra protection before attending major public events
  • Preventive therapy before anything you don’t want to risk missing due to illness
  • Speeding up recovery and combating inflammation
  • Reducing the risk of recurrent infections
  • Promoting overall wellness

IVs for managing stress, anxiety, and fatigue

IV drips are a boon for supplying essential nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes, along with their optimal distribution in the body. With such a blend, they can boost your mood, mental health, energy levels, focus, and performance.

Different types of IV therapy with complex effects, such as Myers’ Cocktail, are formulated to enhance blood circulation and alleviate an avalanche of symptoms to help you stay alert and perform at your best. These can be delivered promptly in any location you find comfortable and are the fastest-working solution when your body needs support.

The multitasker for detox, anti-aging, and beauty benefits

A coenzyme touted for whole-body cell renewal benefits, NAD+ is a readily available eternal youth formula. It can also be part of an IV drip for:

  • Energy production and support for metabolic processes
  • Converting vitamins into active forms 
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Amping up muscle performance and recovery 
  • Offsetting the unfavorable effects of free radicals
  • Improving memory, focus, and cognitive function
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Maintaining skin health 

But discovering the magic ingredient is one thing, and maximizing its bioavailability is another. Building up or replenishing your natural NAD+ levels through diet, supplementation, or topicals isn’t really effective, especially if you are looking for fast results. However, adding it to your IV infusion packages is a proven way to enhance your appearance and life quality and reap the regenerative anti-aging benefits of NAD+.

Customization potential

The most popular vitamin-dominant IV fluid types and condition-specific packages are a good starting point if you are new to this service. But there’s more to IV therapy than eliminating toxins and upping your vitamin levels while minimizing the absorption time. For your drip, you can go for a combination of add-ons to address specific needs, whether they are associated with healthy skin or augmented energy levels.

Oral supplementation doesn’t let you customize, but this is always a nice option at The IV Pro.